Ulta Memorial Day Sales in 2016 – Do Not Fear Long Lines

Ulta is one of the only cosmetic and makeup only stores in the entire United States. The only true competition is Sephora and that is much more high end. Think of Ulta as the Target of cosmetics, but with absolutely no true competition. What makes Ulta great is the fact that they offer so many coupons and deals with a purchase. You will never walk out of an Ulta store without getting a discount on a future purchase.

Once you have spent enough money you will also get free items such as a haircut, massage or facial. Yes, Ulta locations have spas inside of them. Note that spending money on holiday weekends will likely get you even more discounts on future products. Whether you are looking for makeup, a new chi curling iron or just cosmetic accessories you will always be able to find a deal at Ulta.

When it comes to getting into an Ulta location you should have no issues. Unlike some stores that are only in shopping malls, Ulta has most location in free standing building with a very large parking lot. Don’t get me wrong, there will be plenty of people shopping and buying from Ulta on Memorial Day weekend but parking and getting in and out of the strip mall should not be a huge issue.

There are a few Ulta locations in which you may have to navigate around some to get to them but once you get to the parking lot you will find it is very easy to park in a safe area.

Checking out at Ulta is also very efficient. Even though it may seem like there are hundreds of people in line waiting to check out, you will find that the line moves very quickly. Do not let a long line discourage you from saving money at Ulta during the Memorial Day sales event.

The Ulta Memorial Day sales flyer will likely come out the week prior to Memorial Day weekend. This means it would be wise to get in Ulta stores on Monday or Tuesday prior to Memorial Day to avoid the big crowds. The only downside to going on Monday or Tuesday of the week prior to Memorial Day weekend is the fact that it will not be staffed at nearly the capacity of Memorial Day weekend. This means your favorite cashier or employee might have the day off in preparation for the big shopping event.

If you are looking for anything specific from Ulta on Memorial Day weekend do not hesitate to reach out to us. Leave a comment with the item you are looking for and we will do our best to find the lowest possible price in your area.

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