Valrico, Florida WalMart Opens at 2140 Bloomingdale Avenue

Saturday, March 12 was family fun day for shoppers and Valrico, Florida residents to meet and greet the staff at the brand new WalMart Supercenter grand opening. The new supercenter is located at 2140 Bloomingdale Avenue and will replace the store at old Bloomingdale Square Plaza store. The new store will not have any outside leased vendors but will offer a vision center and financial opportunities such as check cashing and an ATM.

Another interesting note on this location is the fact that it does not have a tire center. Most Walmart supercenters offer tires and tire rotation for customers but this particular location does not. This is something to be mindful of during holiday shopping sales. While we often report that WalMart has some of the best sales and deals during holiday events such as Memorial Day, Labor Day and Black Friday, you will not be able to pick up a set of four tires at the 2140 Bloomingdale Avenue location.

As we get closer to holiday shopping events we will be sure to update our sales and deals pages with the best offers from WalMart. When trying to save money on an HD TV, smartphone, furniture or other major purchase make sure to return to see what prices are available. We will have a comprehensive listing during sales such as Black Friday, Memorial Day and Labor Day.

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